Jane S. San Diego, CA

"I should have hired my friend to personally train me long time ago...years & years of sports training, running on a daily basis, & good diet, I was in pretty good shape...2 weeks of this guy & I already know Ill be in best shape of all my 25 years...half marathons use to geek me out but I feel like I could def kick some ass in one & look good doing it! (Actually for like same price for personal trainer for only 1 hr you get a Month & more, not bad)"

John M. Salvador, Brazil

 Despite his young years, Brad has an impressive knowledge of triathlon and experience training and racing in multisport events. His enthusiasm for triathlon is infectious, and his commitment to his own training inspired me to make triathlon a larger part of my own life. As an enthusiastic neophyte to the sport, I was full of questions for Brad. Every time I met him on bike rides I peppered him with questions about swimming, biking, running, training, racing, cadence, form, nutrition, bike equipment, aerodynamics, etc., etc. He was always very generous answering questions, and we would also meet for coffee so that he could show me and lend me triathlon books he had read, or for example introduce me to Training Peaks.“

Lee E. Honolulu, Hawaii

"Haag helps instill positive peer pressure, as well as a culture of fitness and nutrition resulting in the division’s 100 percent pass rate on the Cycle 12-1 PFA.”


"Brad Haag is not only a seasoned triathlete, but also a triathlon coach and personal trainer offering his triathlon expertise to others. A lesser known fact about Haag, however, is his remarkable background serving our nation: After high school, Haag joined the United States Navy. Perhaps it is this military background that has brought a sense of maturity to Haag well beyond his years."

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